1.    What are the materials used?
– The materials used in the production are brass, copper, and aluminum

2.     Why copper, brass, and aluminum?
– These metals have the quality needed for handicraft with various color finishing, besides that the metals are corrosion resistant which makes these metal durables and may last for decades

3.     Are there other materials used in the production?
– Yes, we also use iron, fiber or mica for certain products such as mosque dome, sculpture, and other products that require iron as inner frame, while fiber and mica are used for lamps category to provide ornaments on its shade.

4.     How do I make order?
– Visit this link for the information of order.

5.     How long does it take to finish a product?
– It highly depends on how many batch is ordered, the dimension of product, and the design of the product.

6.     How do you pack the product? Will it ensure the safety of my order?
– The packing process is very safety. Our packing consists of single face for the innermost packing, then card box or plywood, and the last is wood box for the outermost packaging.

7.     Can we customize the order?
– Yes, you can order the products according to your needs and taste.