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Lampu Gantung

Chandelier/Pendant/Hanging Lamp

Lampu gantung tembaga dan kuningan kami tersedia dalam berbagai desain mulai dari desain kuno, minimalis dan modern,  ukurannya pun bisa dibuat menyesuaikan keinginan anda dan untuk pilihan warna kami menyediakan berbagai pilihan warna

We have many kinds of chandelier design, start from conventional, minimalist, and modern. We also can adjust its size to your wish. We provide many different colors.

Lampu dinding

Wall lamp

Lampu dinding dari tembaga dan kuningan kamu termasuk produk yang paling banyak diminati selain desain yang unik, pengaplikasian lampu dinding ini bisa di bangunan apapun

Wall lamp made of copper and brass is the most popular product. Aside from unique design, wall lamp could be used in almost every building.

Lampu robyong

Robyong Lamp

Lampu robyong dari tembaga dan kuningan banyak di aplikasikan di masjid dan lobby hotel
Lampu robyong sangat cocok untung memaksimalkan kemegahan dan kemewahan ruangan.

Copper chandelier is well known among Indonesia people. Chandelier (Indonesia: Lampu Robyong) is a type of chandelier with lots of arms. Copper chandelier usually placed in various places/rooms that will be visited by people such as mosque, hotel, living room, café or restaurant, hall, or meeting room, and many others.

Chandelier from Solid Artwork is suitable to be placed in crowded places because this lamp will beautify and gives an impression of luxury to a room.

Lampu taman

Park Lamp

Lampu taman dari tembaga dan kuningan sangat cocok di aplikasikan pada taman hotel, restoran maupun rumah,  dengan lampu taman dari tembaga dan kuningan dari kami yang memiliki desain unik akan menamnbah kecantikan taman anda

Carrying the natural concept, Solid Artwork’s cage lamp is very suitable to be applied in your garden, combined with bamboo patterned post, it can be an alternative to innovate with your decoration. Our cage lamp will provide elegant, futuristic, and luxurious impression.


Kerajinan meja yang terbuat dari tembaga dan kuningan cocok digunakan untuk meja teras atau taman rumah, material dari tembaga dan kuningan dikenal tahan panas dan hujan sehingga meja akan lebih awet


Generally, table is made from woods or the combination of words and glass. If you want an interesting table that will not shattered, copper and brass table is an excellent choice. These tables are more beautiful and can be formed into whatever design you want. Besides it’s durability, copper and brass table also anti-rust and resistant to weather changes.

Copper and brass table maintain its functionality as table, but also has the function as decoration for a room or the corner of a room. There are various models of metal tables, you can choose from our ready stock models or you can order a table according to your own design.


Kaligrafi dari tembaga dan kuningan kami menggunakan teknik pahat atau ukir diatas lembaran tembaga dan kuningan dengan sangat detail yang akan sangat cantik dan juga bernilai seni tinggi cocok untuk dijadikan hiasan ruangan


Our calligraphy uses detailed carving and sculpting technique on copper and brass sheets which have high value of art. Beside, it is suitable for home decoration.


Relief dari tembaga dan kuningan kami menggunakan teknik pahat atau ukir diatas lembaran tembaga dan kuningan dengan sangat detail dalam wujud 3D,


Our relief uses detailed carving and sculpting technique on copper and brass sheets in 3D.

Bowl dan vas

Bowl dan vas dari tembaga dan kuningan biasanya digunakan untuk kebutuhan salon dan spa, restaurant, tempat buah dan bunga, dan juga sebagai hiasan interior rumah

Bowl and vase

Add a touch of antique color in your bathroom and kitchen decoration with copper bowl and sink from Solid Artwork. Copper bowl and sink are a good match with various decoration styles and will add an impression of luxurious to your house.


Bathtube dari tembaga dan kuningan kami mempunyai nilai seni tinggi dan dibuat menyesuaikan bentuk dan ukuran yang dipesan oleh para pelanggan


Copper is one of the durable metals but it is malleable and attractive, which is why it becomes the first choice in crafting metal bathtub. Copper bathtub is a long-term investment that adds characters and luxurious impression to your bathroom for years to come.
Copper bathtub is made by heating copper and hammering it according to the design and the size. One of the benefits of buying copper bathtub is its ability to complete almost all types of bathroom decoration, including traditional, modern, and antique styled bathroom.


Wastafel dari tembaga dan kuningan kami akan menambah nilai kecantikan dan kemegahan ruangan anda


Washbasin copper and brass based makes your room gorgeous and majestic.

Adding kitchen stuffs from copper to your kitchen and dining table will add aesthetic value to your house. Copper kitchen appliances is an excellent choice if you want beautiful, luxurious, and elegant nuances in your kitchen and dining table. Visit Solid Artwork to get your vintage and beautiful European kitchen appliances. 
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